P!nk Australia - Official P.A.W. Page

Updated 20th Jan 2016

G'day, Aloha, Ciao, Hi, Bonjour, Zeng Guten-Tag and more to all P.A.W. members, friends & family worldwide! Here's a wee headsup on P.A.W. & what we're about here: This site isn't a fan-site or information site regarding what P!nk is upto everyday or where she is getting her coffee every single day, mostly because we don't think that we need another site like that - we already have a few places to find out great info like that on a few fab sites on MySpace and great websites such as (here's a coupla shout outs coming up!) pinkspage.com & pinkbrasil.com etc What we have here is a support page, an "in between" with the final result...somewhere in the future, we hope being something akin to an "Offical Australian P!nk Fan Club". P.A.W. is a place where Aussie fans and our friends & family worldwide can come to chat, hang, support & celebrate our love or what P!nk is about! The whole thing has really taken off into something fabulous so far, including P!nk getting her very own shirt on the Funhouse - Live in Australia DVD! We are loving watching the progress! A big shout out is deserved to the peeps on the Official Pinkspage (PP) Forums - love the members on there & that's where the whole concept for P.A.W. first came about! Let's keep things rolling along guys & remember: WE'RE ALL P!NK INSIDE! :) THE Australian P!nk Fan Club Getting the party started Down Under. Also known as P!nk's Aussie Warriors / PAW

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