I&I Ent. Group

Brooklyn, United StatesUpdated 20th Jan 2015

Community minded entrepreneurs who started event planning by providing holiday parties for young children in home base Brooklyn, N.Y. Eventually, provided theme events for adults in 2003. With each event reaching capacity and bar numbers overflowing, i&i reputation and the branding of her company, i&i Ent Group, continued to grow successfully. From that point on, i&i aim to focus on corporate branding, industry, celebrity, fashion and sports clientele. i&i is able to connect the right venue for an event and bring their “professionalism” to every occasion. Their commitment to a project is a guarantee for a “great” time. Jaja graduated from St. John's University with a B.S in Criminal Justice and masters in Elementary Education from City College University, she definitely sticks to her motto "Making a Difference in All Areas of Entertainment". Branding, Marketing & Promotion Specialist. Specializing in Day, Night & Children Events. Your Brand. Our Concept. Your Alter-Ego -Think i&i

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