H&L Productions Inc.

Gig Harbor, United StatesUpdated 5th Jan 2015

H&L "A window to the world, this is what we do!" Come join the future of entertainment! Our events are truly unique! We have been around for a long time. Our efforts have proven to be invaluable to the market, many different ventures, and many avenues of which have even pushed our own careers to new heights! Alone you can only accomplish so much. As a team, anything is possible! That was our mind frame going in and will always be our mind frame going on! We feel a teamwork environment with the same goals and combined efforts can blow away any single idea and thought, to turn something small into something absolutely stunning and amazing! Going back, every member on our team has been part of events and entertainment through the years. In some form or another, some in excess of 10+ years. H&L Productions inc. was just an idea thought up by CEO Bradley T. Heward, while living in Hawaii doing stock trading, he started thinking how awesome it would be to bring Hawaii and other States back to our home towns and cities, so others can enjoy what he was! As time went on, the core members of H&L Productions inc. were still running their own expos and events separately, and some even moved away from that for a short time to pursue other ventures and ideas. H&L Productions inc. Team members organized and participated in some amazing events, including strong man competitions, huge airshow events, non-profit events and for profit events all around the country and Canada! Including the fur rendezvous event in our home state of Alaska, being able to participate in, and be a part of the set up process and run, or help run some of these events has allowed us to have a great insight to how trade shows and events are done. H&L Productions inc. Team members started talking to each other and thinking how great it would be if they all worked together and made some truly unique events, and add to or in some cases completely change what other shows we had attended in the past lacked or was short of. Our events are different, exotic locations in your backyard? Who would not want that!? We make it happen, and we love inviting anyone and everyone to come join us while we do that! Some of our team members became recognized for events that they put or participated in setting up such as the Boeing 80th anniversary in 2008, and the 2011 9/11 remembrance of which attendance was 200+ thousand! H&L Productions inc. decided that we need a change, and that change will come through our understanding and openly creative minds! We like off the wall ideas, and we like to make it happen! We are rapidly expanding in Alaska and Washington state! The future is looking very bright and fun! H&L is what you have been waiting for! We will make every dollar of your hard earned cash turn around and work for you! We are an all inclusive one stop for marketing, events, expos, media and future planning we run our own events and invite you to join in the fun and above all ( Boost your business profile so you can create a higher earnings potential ) Move more products, services and watch your sales climb, It is very simple: This world revolves around trade goods, products and above all else - Money - you are here to expand and see what your business can do for you and in the process make others happy and create a good reputation and repeat business. What comes along with that is our ultimate goal, being a "Window to the world." Many have had the pleasure of seeing or visiting, what you would call, exotic locations. Many others have only been able to read about these exotic lands and dream that one day they will be able to add this to their families adventures so they can personally experience what these exotic lands have to offer. For many, these places hold a special place at the top of your "bucket list." We provide the means for everyone who attends our events the opportunity to Experience first hand what other States and countries have to offer! And in the process start their own journey even if it involves getting a good deal on some food or an appliance or some clothing. We have something for everyone at our events. And we invite you to join us!

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