Updated 25th Apr 2015

Edmonton-based songwriters Rebecca and Ryan Anderson are the heart of F&M. Over the past five years and four albums, the couple and an evolving cast of bandmates have developed a signature sound at the crossroads of folk, pop, and epic rock that is stubbornly its own thing, drawing on such a rich history of cross-genre influences and the flickering contours of modern adulthood. "They hit me like a very gentle and sincere steam-train, but hit me they did." Suffolk 'n' Cool, United Kingdom "And [F&M’s] musical soul is a must have." Main-Echo, Germany "... wowing audiences ... sounds that draw comparison to The National." Rocky Mountain Outlook "At times the band doesn’t raise their voices above whispers. At times the subdued lead guitar sears. Their songs are always intelligent reflections of life." Banff Crag and Canyon "F&M takes the more difficult but more fulfilling route . . . the power of the music is not in what is there, but rather in what is hidden in the spaces between the notes." VUE Weekly "Great expressive range!" Key of A, CBC Radio www.fandmtheband.com

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