D&D Log Cabin Store

Hayward, United StatesUpdated 16th May 2015

My store , supplies non ethanol gas, groceries,Lp gas,fresh baked bakery, baked on premises, hot homemade soups and sandwiches to go. Hi, I am Diane owner/operator of D&D Log Cabin Store where I isupply the Northwoods Beach area with groceries, non ethanol gas, propane cylinders for the grill, frozen items, dairy,and many different beverages. I serve soup and sandwiches daily for lunch.Sat. and Sun. i serve biscuits and sausage gravy from 7 am to 11 am.All food is served to go. I was a baker for over 25 years in retail business, and i am so pleased that I have been able to offer this to my customers. I bake daily on the premise . i have many great treats to offer. For the outdoor person, i sell fishing and hunting licenses, bait according to the season. i am located between Grindstone and Lac Courte Oreilles Lakes. For the snowmobilers Trail 3 goes along side of my store. I carry oil spark and plugs for your machines. I love meeting new people, so i hope you will stop by and Check D&D Log Cabin Store out. there are other great places to visit while you are here, Earls marina next door will help to meet your boating needs. On the other side of trail 3 is the new Italian restaraunt Itailia. The Log Cabin store has been here for many, many years, i enjoy the stories of the past.people come in and share the time they spent at the store as a child, they remember the old ice shack,that had sawdust on the floor,now they are bringing there grandchildren and the great grandchildren. my hope is these children will have a fond ,positive experience on there visit that they will remember years later.Children are a big part of my business and i love having them come in.

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