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Brooklyn, United StatesUpdated 16th May 2015

Greetings fellow gamers, as you can see I have once again taken it upon myself to change, redo, and upgrade the world. What you are now reading should be the finished works of the game page for the World of Lanston. I put this together with players in mind, but to also serve players and DMs alike as they adventure out into the World of Lanston. This Guide will have all what the first one did but in more detail and more information, Its been now a little over Six long years since ive first started to put all this together and ive rewritten and upgraded these rules over 11 times, to all other DMs who use this tome I simply say “use what you feel is right” take the time and effort to become not just a good DM, but a likeable one. In addition, since this is a remake not a do over I will include what was written in the first copy. Everyone who gathers around the D&D are playing a game, games are Entertainment, and entertainment is supposed to be fun. If the Players are not having a good time, then im not doing as good a job as a DM should, no matter what its always something new to worry about, Player motives, story goals, and excitement. All of this rest on my shoulders, but players must know they can contribute; D&D is not a winner-and-loser game. This is true and it’s not a game in which one-player wins at the expense of others “players are not against each other” it’s not a race, players simply try to improve their Role-playing skills and develop their character every time they play. With problems and poor attitudes comes little reward. Three goals are a constant must, Fun, Character Survival, and Improvement. Each of these should be possible in a single game session, most of these come from the plot of the adventure, story goals and group awards. All must be met to improve, but also remember “Victory can take many Forms” That was it for another forward at the end I had added “happy gaming trails……..Ed the DM”. followed by the month and year of completion I have no idea where the first copy has ended up once ive copied all the information I gave it to a fellow gamer and if you own a hand written copy then you must know that you hold one of the eight ive put together and since this last one is typed and saved then ive no need to rewrite. Take your time to have fun with the rules, Add, Create, and Expand. Don’t worry about each pity little detail. If you can’t figure out the answer, Make it up! Whichever you do, don’t fall into the trap of believing these rules are complete, they are not. You cannot sit back and let this tome do everything for you. Players are the heart of the game but be careful, as a Dungeon Master, you have great power use it wisely. Go ahead “Make My saving throw” Ed the Spider-Guy April 2002 THE WORLD OF LANSTON IS THE PERSONNEL WORLD CREATED BY LONG TIME GAMER'S WHO HAVE BROUGHT TO LIFE MANY ADVENTURES AND SETTING, IT WAS DECIDED ONE DAY TO TAKE ALL WHAT WAS CREATED AND SET THEM ALL IN ONE SETTING, THE FINISHED WORKS IS THIS REALM, ENJOY Set up by Players, for Players, about Players, long time gamer as well as beginners can find this World exciting,

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