"""churdhar temple""""

Shimla, IndiaUpdated 13th Jul 2015

CHURDHAR TEMPLE is the place of shiv mahadev it is situated in sirmour and Shimla boundary himachal Pradesh. This is the so beautiful place and religious place of shiv mahadev . clik this page.http://jugtasuresh.wordpress.com/{suresh sharma} CHURDHAR IS A HOLLY PLACE OF SHIRGUL DEVTA...... churdhar is really a heaven on earth (Templeof Shrigul Devta in Chaupal(Shimla) churdhar temple the palce of Shiv Mahadev Shivling situated in chopal shimla distic. Churr Dhaar is a subject of deep and wide study. The establishment cannot be considered in Jyotirlinga, however it has the same significance as Jyotirlinga. There is no written or oral proof of its establishment neither in folk songs nor in folk stories. The only proof of its existence is Churr Dhaar itself.Instead of being deothi (Devalya) it is basically known as Jalaari. The temple of Deities are known as Deothi’s where there Idols are kept at some height known as Gambari, But the establishment of linga in Churr Dhaar is at Garbh greeh. It visualized that the temple was constructed later, earlier there may be a shiv ling or a natural water source. Due to this, temple is recognized by jalaari

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